About Iceskimo

Iceskimo Takeaway in Glasgow has become a sugar-filled paradise, pleasing students and locals alike. It’s already cemented itself as one of the coolest spots in town, serving lip-smacking desserts from soft, buttery Red Velvet Cakes to incredible Ice Blasts.  

After a long day of shopping at the Lidl store in Nitshill, how about a tasty, colourful strawberry smoothie to chill out? If so, just ask any passer-by ‘Where is the best dessert shop near me?’ They will definitely say ‘Iceskimo’ which is located at 397 Nitshill Rd, Glasgow G53 7BN. Our heavenly treats are well worth the short drive from the store!

We always stick to the freshest picks and only use the finest local ingredients daily to meet your expectations and maximise the overall feeling of satisfaction after every meal.

If you’re a dessert lover, our authentic Belgian Waffles are calling your name. The freshly made hot waffles with a crispy exterior are sure to please your tastebuds, especially when paired with morish toppings.

You'll also have a selection of perfect pick-me-up Chocolate Milkshakes, fluffy Pancakes and caramel-filled Doughnuts to choose from, and don't forget our super-thin, delicious crepes - Make the most of our show-stopping desserts.

Did you know that all online orders placed through our website will be rewarded with an exclusive 10% discount? So why spend more when you can enjoy it for less? Browse our web menu and order now. We will deliver it in a flash, or you can click and collect it from the store.

We have proudly joined the Mealzo family. Download the Mealzo App, stay up-to-date with special offers and save up to 30% on orders over £15!

Feel free to call us at 01412303847 and order over the phone.  

Thanks for being a valued customer!



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